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ETFG Green Diamond Reward Rating Performance

The ETFG Green Diamond Reward Rating System is calculated utilizing the ETFG proprietary model measuring two primary reward categories: Fundamental and Behavioral. These two categories are equally weighted and driven by ETFG’s proprietary algorithms in 25 underlying fields. ETFG Reward Ratings also lever academic and industry metrics to gauge how likely it is that an equity ETF will outperform the market during the foreseeable future. These cross sectional scores are aggregated, carried to two decimal places and scaled from 1-10. An ETF Global 10 Green Diamond Reward Rating reflects an ETF with the most attractive reward rating and a Green Diamond Reward Rating of 1 reflects an individual ETF carrying the least attractive reward rating.

At ETF Global, we stand behind our Green Diamond Reward Ratings and monitor closely their performance. Below please find the most recent performance of the ETFG Green Diamond Reward Ratings (7, 8, 9 & 10 Diamonds respectively):

ETFG Green Diamond Reward Rating Performance, August 2013